Timekeeper, 2021

In this piece I used a paste made of sand and water to trace the shadow of a rock crevice in the desert. Following one shadow-line continually over the course of an afternoon, I re-traced every twenty minutes or so, making a new mark for each new angle as the shadow crept up the side of the crevice. The resultant lines were a subtle record of timekeeping, resembling the residue left behind on the beach after a wave washes away from the shore. Nonsensical clay clocks marked the beginning and end of the performance, alluding to the act of keeping time while revealing its absurdity. Due to its depth, the crevice only experiences a few hours of sunlight each day before becoming completely enveloped in shadow.

Timekeeper was presented at Isn’t it nice to be in it? A one-day group show/happening on March 27, 2021 in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California. Participating artists included Syd Abady, Casey Baden, Kira Doutt, Elizabeth Herring, Mae Johnson, Nora Rolf, Connor Schwab, Mansi Shah, Danielle Stolz, Marina Weiner, Elena Yu, and Vanesa Zendejas. 

Documentation by Syd Abady, Kira Doutt, and Elizabeth Herring.